16-5-24 Exhibition at Slingeland Doetinchem

From June 1 till August 1 a large selection of my work is shown at the Slingeland hospital in Doetinchem. I hope the people who work at the hospital, the patients and the visitors will enjoy watching these paintings.

For me this is special for different reasons: it’s my first solo exhibition and I’m happy my art can bring beauty and reflection to the people. Personally I think a place like this where so much happens all the time needs art, so I’m thankful that my art can be seen here for the next two months.

Also, I’m going to exhibit at least two paintings I haven’t shared anywhere and who are brand new. Can’t wait to release those into the world!

1-3-24 Exhibition at Nouryon Deventer

From March 2024 till the end of April 2024 a selection of my work is exhibited at Nouryon Deventer. Since this is a company, it’s not open for public visiting unfortunately. I think it’s good for everyone to be surrounded by art everyday, and I hope that all the people working there will be surprised by the art shown right now.

Meanwhile I’m back to painting for a big exhibiton this summer. Follow me on Instagram to stay updated.

A selection of my latest works was shown at the beautiful Gallery Kiek Kus. It was a great oppurtunity for people to see my work in real life, in a monumental setting. I like to thank the gallery owners for their support, and everyone who visited the gallery. Art is only real when shared, so you made it happen.